Robert Pursell
Sell with Robert Pursell -
Reason #2: Knowledge.
Knowledge is the accumulation of facts over time. Selling country property requires knowledge across a wide variety of subject areas the average real estate agent will never encounter in their business.

As with all agents, I need to know the local market (extremely well). What's selling, what's not, and why?. I tour new listings twice a week to see the country property available across the entire Napa Valley.

I'm an expert in estate homes, country property, raw land, and vineyards. Everything from interior design and architecture to well and septic to viticulture and land use. I have an ecosystem of contractors, architects, civil engineers, and other professionals to ensure a successful sale.

Most importantly I still represent buyers. Many seasoned listing agents represent few if any buyers. This is a mistake. It's impossible to have your finger on the pulse of the market if you aren't talking to buyers.